Here are some great tips to creating an Urban-Industrial style in your own home or office. You may not have a remodeled factory or warehouse or an expensive downtown loft - and that's ok! Start Embracing the Urban-Industrial style by considering these how-to-tips when decorating. 

If You're on the Lookout 

If you're looking to find an Industrial space, look to older historic buildings, they often offer exposed brick walls, ducts and piping, wood trusses, columns. If you're staying put but want to incorporate design elements into your existing not-so-industrial space. Keep reading. You can create the look in any space. 

Repurpose and Reuse

Repurpose, reuse and recycle! Industrial style pairs the new and the old, rusted metal and soft leather, clean lines and concrete floors. Infuse some repurposed items into your decor. Ad a reclaimed wood top to an existing table, repurpose metal gears and make book ends, the possibilities are endless. Many lumberyards specializing in reclaimed wood and architectural elements, and junk yards are full of treasure if you have an open mind and are willing to spend some time looking. 

Expose, not Conceal

When the option is there, don't hide the heating and air ductwork and leave the pipelines exposed. The Industrial style embraces what is usually concealed. This isn't possible in every space, but when it's an option, take it. Or if you're looking for a home or office, these are things to look for! To really drive the Urban-Industrial look home, try consider painting the pipes a black, brown or even leave the natural metal. If you're in a traditional space where those aren't options. Build your own bookshelf or bookends out of pipe to bring in the missing element. 

Open Space

Whether it's a converted warehouse or loft, strive for an open look and feel. In a not-so-open floor plan, don't give up. Try avoiding bulky furniture and be careful not to over decorate in smaller spaces and you can still pull it off.

Mix at Match Materials

Urban-Industrial design is all about mixing materials. Mixing metals, reclaimed wood and repurposed finishes, patterns and colors with your furniture and decor is a necessity to pull off this style. A metal top desk with reclaimed wood base, or a rusted metal framed chair with soft leather upholstery, concrete flooring with a rug with a pop of color. Mix and match to create that urban-industrial feel to any workplace, home office or study.


Urban-Industrial style embraces the exposed, bare and unfinished. When it comes to flooring, consider a concrete floor with a stain to seal it or the always popular hardwood flooring. Choose a rug with pops of color to enhance the décor

Color and Decor

Although the Industrial space is largely grays and blacks and metal finishes, choosing the right decor, artwork and adding the right pops of color really bring the look together. Thoughtfully choose the right furniture pieces and accessories.  


Lots of natural light is always ideal, but not always an option for everyone. When light is lacking or in the evening hours, there are a lot of Urban-Industrial lighting options that will tie in to your decor. There are many options for high sealing fixtures, floor lamps and table tops, choose gritty metal lighting with exposed bulbs as an option.

Start Small 

If you aren't able to do a complete space overhaul at once, don't get overwhelmed. Start with one smart furniture piece and make it a focal point. Salvage and repurpose in-between purchases. Add other furniture and accessories to compliment your space overtime. It's possible to go Urban-Industrial on a budget. Before you know it, you'll be enjoying the style in your own space.