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Industrial Themed Office Desks And Tables

Industrial Office Desks

Give your work or home office a boost so you can work comfortably in style. Urban 9-5 offers a collection of rustic and modern desks and tables, which are designed to increase your productivity and reinvent the way you work and lounge.

Make a great first impression with your guests with our unique entry tables and receive them with style with a rustic side or coffee table. We also have urban-industrial office desks fitted to improve your efficiency and make your workspace more organized.

Efficient Design

Efficiency should begin with furniture. Our masterfully designed office desks will inspire you to become more productive. We have desks and tables clad in chrome or metal legs and some topped with riveted metal or rusted copper that always leave an impression of being neat. The modest configurations make it easy and comfortable to work around and sit for hours.

Built-in Storage

Work desks with neat built-in storage features are proven to be ergonomic. You become more productive and efficient if everything you need is within reach. Our urban-industrial office desks come with subtle but spacious storage solutions to keep things efficient, neat and stylish.

Unique Designs

Our designs are distinct because they are fitted with repurposed and stained metal and fragments of reclaimed wood. From the color down to the feel of these desks, it would be a delight to work or lounge with these vintage-themed surfaces in sight.

Get one of our exclusive urban-vintage desks or tables for your home or workstation. We assure you that any item you choose will not disappoint. Give us a call for more details.

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Reclaimed Wood Workstation

From $ 1,995.00 - $ 2,719.00