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Unique Vintage Lamps

Lighting is often overlooked, but the right lighting completes the look and ads just the finishing touch. We offer pendant lights, floor and table lamps. We have a wide variety of styles to fit your style. From vintage hollywood glam, to urban-industrial, to a more modern look, our lighting options have something for everyone.

Urban 9-5 values the perfect balance of form and function when it comes to lighting fixtures. Our inventory of unique vintage lamps combines the two concepts in seamless fashion, but function trumps all.

Color management is perhaps the most important function of lighting. You can add or subtract from an interior’s overall color pallet using only light. With clever color choices, you may convey a specific feeling. For example, darker colors can make a room feel smaller, and lighter colors reverse that. Light being reflected off the walls creates the illusion of space.

Another reason to place an added emphasis on lighting is that it can accentuate specific design elements. If you want people to look at a great piece of art, for instance, you can use light to redirect their attention.

Looking to buy vintage lamps online? Take a look at the innovative products at Urban 9-5. Don’t settle for only function or form; it’s possible to have both. Browse through our collection and get in touch with us today.

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