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Where can you get industrial office furniture at bargain prices? In the clearance section of Urban 9-5!

We make all our furniture with love, sweat and heavy-duty power tools. That’s why it’s so special to us. We don’t have an assembly line; every piece of furniture we make is individual and distinct. We love how we can start with items others were throwing away, such as old pieces of wood or metal, and turn them into works of art. Like a blank canvas for an artist, a block of stone for a sculptor or a piano for a composer, we create beauty where none existed before.

That being said, it’s a fact of life that not every item is a best-seller, no matter how much sweat equity we put into making it. But we don’t bemoan it, we just put these items on sale. We know they will find a loving home eventually.

The executive desks, steampunk office furniture, industrial-style wall art and other items found on our clearance page are built with the same sturdy endurance you expect from our full-priced pieces of modern office furniture.

How many times have you been shopping when you stumble across a true gem that’s marked way down and you can’t believe it? That’s what our clearance page is all about.

Check our sale page often — you will find new bargains here all the time as we move from manufacturing some older industrial office furniture designs to some newer designs.

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