Bringing an Urban Loft Feel to your Home

Bringing an Urban Loft Feel to your Home

Nowadays people choosing new ideas and methods to make their homes unique and different, the interest in urban lofts is gaining huge amounts of popularity in people and they are converting their traditional homes in a way to bring a modern-day feel of the town to their homes.

Normally, urban lofts are apartments that are built in former industrial buildings, such as warehouses and factories. The following are some ways you can bring the urban loft feel into your home.


If you don’t make a plan you will not be able to do things properly, so this should be where you start. You will want to plan out the place or places in your home that you want to change. Planning will help you to use available sources and is beneficial in making an approximate budget of the expenses.


Leave your floors bare, urban loft living brings the industrial character into your daily living with finishes that are exposed, bare, and unfinished. Consider leaving concrete exposed and add a concrete stain to seal it. Hardwood flooring and slate are typical floorings as well.

An urban loft has an open floor plan, which means an open kitchen joining dining space and main living space. To help the space to appear large, spacious, and different from traditional style homes it is important to install the same type of flooring throughout.


Furnishing is an important factor in bring the urban loft feel to your home. Modern and minimalistic furniture is the ideal look of an urban loft. You shouldn’t use just anything as it may look awkward or out of place. You shouldn’t crowd the house with furniture rather go with simple items that allow you to walk freely around furniture. Gorgeous riveted metal tops, reclaimed wood shelving and other simple textures are perfect to display books, accessories, books, photos, etc. 

Walls and windows

Keep the walls of the home the same color throughout the whole house. Windows are the center stage of an urban loft, make sure to choose a simple sheer fabric or sheer blinds as to not obstruct the view, also consider motorized or remote controlled curtains.

Urban loft living décor is a trend that many love, depending on your lifestyle and preferences you can bring urban loft details into your home or choose to live in the real deal.