Combining Wood Finishes Within an Office Space

Combining Wood Finishes Within an Office Space

Wood is one of the most common materials found in various office spaces today, both traditional and otherwise, and it comes in several varieties. One way of distinguishing different types of wood is through their finish, which refers to both color and the appearance type created for this color.

At Urban 9-5, we're happy to offer numerous office furniture products that include wood, from our industrial desks and tables to workstations, storage and many others. For many of our clients, a mixture of multiple wood finishes is desired in their office space, both for a versatile aesthetic and to allow for multiple furniture selections among picky employees. Here are some basic tips we offer on combining different wood finishes within the office space.

Wood Grain and Undertone Factors

First and foremost, check into whether there are any color undertones that match either the furniture or wood floors in your office space. These may offer you opportunities to combine finishes. For example, if your office features tables made of dark walnut with matching wood flooring, knowing this ahead of time will allow you to consider lighter pieces for other spaces and not clash with the existing choices.

One other consideration is how different types and colors of wood may play off one another within the same space. A bright white desk, for instance may be jarring when paired with dark red walls and dark brown floors. Instead of opting for the latter combinations and taking a chance on clashing, it's often more beneficial to select wood pieces in lighter shades that won't compete with the existing furniture and color choices in your office space.

Balance Finishes

Wherever possible, look for ways to equally represent different finishes as a way of creating balance within the office. For example, you might choose to feature a bright white desk and cabinets with wall units in cherry grain that complement it. This will counter what could be a stark effect, as well as provide visual interest to those who may not enjoy the same finish choices.

Other Textures to Bring it Together

While the wood finishes you're combining are obviously important to consider, so are other colors or textures in the space that can "unite" the different furniture pieces. The rugs you choose, for example, may offer a chance to include two or more different finishes in the room without having to bring them all together physically through adorning walls with each color or piece side-by-side.

Another way to create unity between multiple wood choices is by including other types of furniture styles that will complement and show off both finishes. For example, if you want to include a piece with cherry grain that is also decorated with black metal details, pair it with furniture that has black metal accents or legs for the best effect.

For more on how to mix different wood finishes within your industrial office space, or to learn about any of our office furniture options, speak to the staff at Urban 9-5 today.