Common Accessories to Consider for Your Office Desk

Common Accessories to Consider for Your Office Desk

Whether for productivity, style or some combination therein, the items kept on a given office desk are important to consider. There are a number of different accessories or other pieces you might consider for your desk, including some you may not have considered before. 

At Urban 9-5, we're proud to offer not only a wide range of desks, tables and even industrial workstations, but also tips and assistance with finding the ideal accessories to keep at your desk. What are some helpful accessories that we often recommend to clients depending on their desk usage and needs? Here are a few.

Desk Organizers

There are several types of desk organizers, and they can help you to stay organized while also ensuring that items remain in the same place. If you're someone who tends to work using sticky notes, for example, a pad of such notes should be kept close by so you don't lose important pieces of information.

A pen cup may also need to be somewhere on your desk surface to ensure that you never have to search for a pen when it comes time to sign an important document. Finally, desk organizers can also help you store items like paper clips and staples where they're easily accessible while also staying off your desktop or floor.

Desk Pads

Desk pads are great for protecting the surface of your desk from spills, heat and other factors that may wear down the wood and damage it. When you purchase a desk pad, do ensure that it's tailored to your specific desk size and shape, as this will ensure an easy fit with minimal gapping or bunching of the fabric.

Desk pads can be made out of several different materials, including fabric or leather. Some may even feature a faux leather or suede that looks like the real thing but is more affordable. When shopping for a desk pad to match your needs, keep in mind that you can order one in a matching color if desired. With so many colors and finishes available, it's easy to pick something that will go well with existing items on your desk.

Computer or Tablet Stand

For those who frequently use a laptop or tablet, a docking station or easily accessible computer stand may be important. Having your computer within easy reach can make it easier for you to switch from typing an email to checking out social media sites and other distractions while also ensuring that your computer remains powered on and charged at all times.

Desk Clocks

If you work in an office where everything runs smoothly, you may not need a desk clock. However, if there are times when your day is more hectic or you happen to work in an open-plan environment that doesn't feature walls separating individual cubicles, a desk clock can be invaluable.

Why? Because it allows you to keep track of time and ensure that you're on top of important deadlines or events without having to constantly glance at the wall clock hanging overhead. Especially if you don't use a computer or mobile device to check the time, a desk clock is an important way of avoiding any potential mix-ups or misunderstandings.

For more on the kinds of office desk accessories to consider, or to learn about any of our vintage office furniture pieces, speak to the team at Urban 9-5 today.