Office Desk Shapes to Choose From

Office Desk Shapes to Choose From

Modern office desks are available in several common shapes, and which you choose is important for more reasons than just simple aesthetics. From your working style to the number of items you have on the desk and more, there are several factors that will play into your decision on which desk shape you go with.

At Urban 9-5, we stock a wide selection of office desks and workstations, including all of the most common shape alignments. What are these common alignments, and how can you tell which is best for you? Here's a simple primer.

Rectangular Desk

The traditional desk style that remains immensely popular today is the simple rectangle, which covers several sub-categories in terms of desk style. Executive desks, for instance, are double-pedestal desks that typically come in a rectangular shape -- there are several other styles here as well.

For those who prefer a straightforward desk and don't have daily task needs that require a different shape, the rectangle is great. Many simple rectangle desks are extremely affordable and easy to maintain, and there's a good reason they're the most popular choice on the market today even with several other styles gaining popularity.

L-Shaped Desks

For those who need a bit more space, but also want to be able to keep the desk up against the wall in an organic way, the L-shaped desk is a great alternative. You can fit more work space into a smaller area, with the two legs of the "L" fitting on either side of a wall.

In addition, it's easy to add a hutch to an L-shaped desk if you need some additional storage. This means no matter where you place the desk in a given room, you won't lack for space.

U-Shaped Desks

Want to make sure you have plenty of room for paperwork and peripherals? Go with a U-shaped desk. This addition to your workspace will give you plenty of room for paperwork as well as personal items, while keeping everything within reach of your workstation.

Also known as bullpens, these desks can accommodate a lot of people in a small space, which can be great for those who have a team that works closely together on projects or assignments. They also have some of the largest overall surface space, ideal for those who always seem to have a lot of paperwork on hand.

Now, U-shaped desks won't be ideal for those looking to save space -- they don't really do this at all, and in fact take up more surface area than most other desks. If you have the space available, though, this is a great choice.

For more on choosing the proper desk shape for your office desk, or to learn about any of our industrial office furniture selections, speak to the team at Urban 9-5.