The Elements Comprising a Traditional Study

The Elements Comprising a Traditional Study

For those who perform any level of work from home, whether it's on a full-time basis or even just a partial setting, setting up a study or home office space is an important task. There are several elements that should likely be a part of your setup here, plus a couple that might or might not be important to you depending on your needs.

At Urban 9-5, we're here to help. We offer a huge range of industrial office furniture, from office desks and seating options to storage, lighting and numerous others -- and many of our products are ideal for both in-office settings and a home study you might be setting up. What are the traditional elements that comprise a home study, and which important factors should you be considering while choosing each of them? Here's a basic primer.

Study Desk

For the majority of studies, the desk is what sets the baseline for the entire space. The type of desk that you choose is often determined by your individual needs. Some may want a U-shaped desk, which is perfect for those who like to spread out with multiple documents and files at hand. Others might prefer the classic L-shape, or perhaps even an adjustable standing desk.

Wheelchair access is another option you'll want to consider, especially if you're constantly working with clients and customers via phone or from home. A more secure kind of desk can also be a great option for those who have children about the house.

In addition, make sure that you choose a desk that will fit your space. You may need more of a corner piece if you have limited space, or if you prefer to work in a tucked-away area of your house. On the other hand, if your office area doubles as a dining room, a large U-shape desk will be the best option for you.

Office Chair

There are a couple forms of seating you might consider in your study, and the first to think about is your actual office chair. This is the chair you'll be sitting on while you work at your desk, so it has to remain comfortable for hours at a time.

It's also helpful to opt for an ergonomically-sound chair that allows you to change the height and tilt of your seat. The last thing you want is back pain caused by a poorly structured office chair! In addition, think about whether or not you'd like added lumbar support for even more comfort, as well as the option of swivel capabilities to further increase flexibility.

And while practical use should be your first priority here, you should also consider aesthetics and style when choosing your office chair. There are a wide range of colors and styles to choose from, so make sure your new chair matches with the rest of your home decor in ways that showcase professionalism.

Lounge Chairs

In many situations, especially if you'll be hosting visitors or clients in your study, having additional seating options is a good idea. This can include standard chairs and sofas or loungers, depending on your preferences and whether you'll be hosting larger numbers of people at once.

And even if you aren't planning on a variety of guests, these kinds of lounge chairs often offer significant style and comfort benefits. In fact, many of our lounge chairs double as traditional office chairs during the day with just a simple adjustment in their rotation! You'll want to think about not only having additional seating in your study for guests, but also perhaps wanting a little extra seating in the hallway or living room outside your home office so your family doesn't have to feel too far away from you on a regular basis.

Office Lighting

When it comes to traditional study design, office lighting is often overlooked as an important element. That's unfortunate, because adding the right kind of lights can make a huge difference in terms of both your ability to see and be seen throughout your home office.

And while brighter lighting might not always be the best choice for some, it's important to choose fixtures that help ensure your vision doesn't begin to blur after about 30 minutes of work. You should also think about whether you want overhead lights or lamps for your primary light source, but even more than that, you should focus on choosing the right color lighting for your office.

In many cases, a warm white or yellow hue is going to be best for increasing your productivity and helping you better focus on the task at hand. Then again, there are plenty of people who prefer clean-cut blue light in their homes instead. In either case, make sure that your office lighting provides an excellent source of light for your work while making the room itself more inviting.

Bookcases, Artwork and Accents

Finally, as you're topping off your space and really giving it that professional feel, you'll want to give some thought to the kind of accents you include.

We highly recommend including subtle bookcases that help break up the wall space, giving your office decor a little more visual interest. These can feature a wide range of bookcase styles and colors, so go ahead and pick the ones you love the most.

In addition, don't overlook accent artwork as a possible option. The right piece could not only provide a burst of color to your study, but it might also help inspire creativity or productivity! You should give some thought to what kinds of pieces you'd like, whether it's just a high-quality print or maybe even an actual painting.

For more on how to design a traditional study for your home office needs, or to learn about any of our industrial office furniture options, speak to the pros at Urban 9-5 today.