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Aviator Design Furniture

Aviator Collection

The golden age of aviation was indeed a great time. Urban 9-5 simply can’t get enough of it, so we have recreated the experience just for you. Take flight with our sleek aviation-inspired collection of office furniture and accessories.

The themed collection features Aviator furniture including aviator desk, aviator credenzas and décor, bringing together a contemporary vintage look to your home or work office. Inspired by aircraft, the desks, seating and artwork included in the collection feature stunning metal bases and surfaces and retro-inspired leather upholstery. The collection also includes handmade flight-inspired wall art that highlights rich retro details and warm metallic stains.

Contemporary Vintage Furniture

Urban 9-5 combines traditional craftsmanship and urban-industrial concepts to complete this awesome Aviator furniture and decor collection.

One of the highlights of the collection is our Aviator Swivel Chair, a bucket-style seat finished with a sleek riveted metal base and rich brown poly leather upholstery. It is extremely comfortable and adds a cool retro touch to your office.

We also have a range of urban-industrial Aviator desks and tables masterfully assembled with riveted metal surfaces, unique storage features and distinct handcrafted details. Each item in the collection is handcrafted and fitted to perfection to bring you the highest quality and detail.

In all our collections, tradition and innovation blend in perfect harmony to add a distinctive character to each furniture piece or accessory. We have helped many flying enthusiasts recreate the experience of being in an aircraft, all while meeting their style and comfort criteria.

If you have a passion for flying, this collection is certainly made for you. Browse through the items in our aviation collection for more details. Shop now and transform your office or personal space into an aviation haven.

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