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Unique Office Furniture

An industrial-inspired office or workspace would not be complete without unique office furniture. Your furniture pieces should reflect the key elements of industrial design. They should be sleek, innovative, rustic, sturdy, comfortable and ergonomic.

These elements have been infused in every item in our portfolio. Our range of desks, chairs, cabinets, accessories and artwork will definitely make a great impression for your guests and improve the feel of your work surroundings. 

Urban-Industrial Meets Rustic

Our furniture pieces, accessories and artworks combine sleek, urban designs with rustic elements to bring back warmth in contemporary spaces. Integrating earthy palettes, weathered textures and traditional craftsmanship, our modern and innovative pieces do not disappoint. We incorporate metal elements to provide a clean, finished look and wooden accents to add depth and drama.

Repurposed into Treasure

Urban 9-5 is an advocate of repurposing older furniture pieces and turning it into something beautiful. We use salvaged metal and reclaimed wood to create sleek and super creative furniture pieces, from office desks to comfy chairs, from stunning artworks to quirky office accessories.    

Symbols of Great Times and People

Our array of industrial-themed furniture has one recurring design theme: an ode to the past.
Our designs convey images of not-so-long-ago while also featuring some modern flair.

Our aviator-style swivel chairs and military desks, for instance, may remind you of old-time heroes, like legendary WWII general, Douglas MacArthur, and other historical aviation figures.
These people are renowned for their incredible legacies, making the images related to them symbols of individuality.

Items of Nostalgia

Contemporary psychiatrist Alan Hirsch defines nostalgia as a yearning for idealized history, a version of the past that is more positive than negative.
It is a result of the combination of many individual integrated memories. Simply put, you ‘remember’ an emotion rather than an actual memory.

Our vintage car and antique airplane wall art are nostalgic reminders of the era of early automobiles and the glory days of aviation.
You ‘reminisce’ these inspiring times, which in turn, makes you feel euphoric.
Who doesn’t like that feeling? This is our inspiration at Urban 9-5 when we custom design quality furniture and artwork that trigger these nostalgic feelings.

Want to give your office an impressive industrial look? Browse through our furniture and fixture collection, and get in touch with us today.


We pride ourselves in masterfully curating unique collections of furniture pieces, décor and artworks to give you distinct office space. Our Military and Aviator Collections are sure to make any military, aviation and history buff excited. We also offer an Urban Cowboy collection for those who want to feature rustic and vintage treasures in their workspace, den or man cave.