Urban Junior U Shape Industrial Desk with Storage Shelves

$ 2,133.00 $ 2,349.00

U Shape Industrial Desk

This U-shape workstation is a slight variation to our Executive U Shape, this Junior version has a slimmer leg, metal grates and built in storage shelves.  Lots of desk space. Choose black or brown stain for the legs with our premium brushed steel, or try our Industrial Concrete melamine surfaces for a budget version.

Please also choose the orientation of the desk. Choose a left or right return, (Meaning while sitting at the desk, to which side do you wan the return or bridge piece that connects the desk and credenza pieces. It is pictured with the return on the left.) 

The room photo shows this piece with our desktop hutches. You can find these under storage.

The desk portion is 30x64.5, the return/bridge is 20x39, the credenza is 24x64.5. Overall: 93x64.5