Desk Organization Tips to Increase Productivity

Desk Organization Tips to Increase Productivity

Whether you’re a high-level CEO or barely above an intern, your office desk is your command center. It’s your home base to store all required items, and your workspace to complete any assigned tasks.

At Urban 9-5, our wide selection of industrial and rustic office desks will offer all the functionality you need along with a little unique flair. We can also offer our expertise – here are a few tips for finding the proper organization and desk layout to maximize your productivity in the office.

The Right Layout

You may not realize it, but objects that are even six inches out of whack ergonomically might lead to a pretty sharp decline in your productivity. A big one here is screen placement, assuming you work in front of a computer – the monitor should be in front of you at eye level, and should be about 17 inches or so from your body.

From here, organize smaller items accordingly. Many people find success with placing phones or other regularly-used supplies on their dominant side, to avoid reaching across.

Limit Reminders and Personal Knick-Knacks

It’s great to use sticky notes or other reminders, but framing the entire computer monitor with these notes won’t be productive – always in moderation. The same goes for personal knick-knacks like family pictures or vacation souvenirs, which are great in small doses but can be highly distracting when they become too large a part of the space.

Embrace White Space

You need a place to work at your desk, but many people allow this to become cluttered and spend time consistently clearing space for themselves. Designate a space on your dominant side as your work space, and focus on never allowing clutter to invade this space.

Mind Your Supplies

If you use certain supplies every day or close to every day, these can be kept directly on the desk itself. Lesser-used items should go in a drawer or to the side of the desk. It’s generally best to group like items together, rather than split into multiple drawers.

To learn more about how desk organization can benefit you or your employees, or to find out more about any of our rustic office furniture, speak to the pros at Urban 9-5 today.