Creating An Ergonomically Safe Workplace

Creating An Ergonomically Safe Workplace

Ergonomics are a common concern within the workplace, but in general, these are personal concerns. People worry about the ergonomic factors of their own office desk or seating, and how they can feel comfortable.

At Urban 9-5, we’re here to tell you that this is an overall workplace issue as well. Ergonomic hazards in the workplace can stifle employee productivity, risk disability or insurance claims and lower morale in staff. Here are three big factors that go into workplace safety, including how ergonomics play a role.


The way a work environment is arranged can go a very long way to the way your body is affected. An office desk that’s properly set up will decrease injury risk – your joints should be as close to a 90-degree angle while seated, for starters, and you should consider altering your office seating if you’re too much lower or higher than this and cannot adjust the seat further. In addition, many people find benefits from standing up every now and then and looking away from the computer monitor, to increase comfort.


The environment of an office includes the interior design and also any maintenance procedures followed by staff. Consider elements like layout (good walkways, clear of mess), lighting (especially in corridors, garages, entrances and the individual workspace) and materials (anti-slip materials, walk-off mats at entrances, etc) when you’re thinking about employee safety – these little considerations may not seem like much, but employees will both appreciate them and see increased productivity over time.


Make sure some basic protocols are in place within the office regarding safety. Safety leaders can provide education on elements like an emergency exit plan, and ensuring some staff has first aid training can be helpful in case of any accidents. Make sure all staff understands the requirements for cleanliness, and make sure custodial staffs and practices are all up to speed.

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