Dos and Don’ts For Office Design

Dos and Don’ts For Office Design

Modern technology and design offer more options than ever for the layout of a given workplace. With so many trends and new areas rapidly popping up, though, it can be easy to forget what goes into making a classic, authentic and productive office design.

At Urban 9-5, we’re here to help. Our industrial office furniture combines traditional needs and necessities with stylish, modern design areas. With a trip back to the basics in mind, let’s go over a few basic dos and don’ts of designing a productive and comfortable workplace.


  • Research: Every item in the office, from seating to desks and everything in between, was made somewhere and by someone. Do your research on these kinds of details – what kinds of materials are used? Are the business practices of the provider in line with your company’s values? Are you looking primarily for sustainably-sourced products or recycled materials? These are all questions you can ask, along with the kinds of basic functionality and cost concerns you’d naturally consider.
  • Focus on psychological comfort: Psychological comfort is an area heavily influenced by the environment we’re in. Our ability to do things like be social, adjust noise levels or temperature, customize personal areas and steer clear of distractions are all important factors in workplace productivity, whether or not we consciously realize it. Consider ways to make employees happier without lowering creative outlets and expectations.
  • Consider movement and wellness: Employees’ physical well-being is vital along with their mental well-being. Consider areas you can invest in this, including layouts that are ergonomically conducive.


  • Sacrifice identity for discounts: You need to invest in your office design just like you would any other vital area of your business. Don’t sacrifice quality and productivity from your employees to save a few bucks – that savings will likely come far short of the profits you lose from decreased productivity in the long run.
  • Forget dimensions: It’s easy to get wrapped up in searching through our thorough stock of furniture, and forget that fit and space concerns should be some of your first considerations. The last thing you want is to purchase a great bulk desk from us, only to find it doesn’t fit through the door of your office.
  • Jump on trends blindly: There are a lot of prevailing trends in the office design world, and while some of these might have a place in your office, don’t follow them blindly. These aren’t always made for every workplace, and just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s right for you and your employees.

For more dos and don’ts on designing the perfect office, or to view any of our vintage office furniture, speak to the pros at Urban 9-5 today.