Basics on Desk Accessorizing

Basics on Desk Accessorizing

For those who work at a basic office desk, customization and accessorizing of this space is one of the ways we express ourselves and show off our personality. At the same time, did you realize that the way your desk is laid out and organized can impact your productivity in a number of specific ways?

At Urban 9-5, we have a number of rustic office desks that can set a great baseline for your basic accessorizing. Let’s look at how your various accessories play into your work, and some styles you might enjoy depending on what kind of worker you are.

Purpose Drivers

Even things you put on your desk for fun or support have a purpose, even if that purpose is only adding a bit of comfort to your surroundings. Many people have pictures something important to them, motivational quotes, or even little single-hand distractors for people who fidget and need something to absorb that energy. At the same time, it’s important to make sure none of these items detracts from your productivity – if you find some of your accessories are distracting you more often than you’d like, consider a change.

Mess Considerations

Everyone responds to differing levels of mess different, and what works for someone else near you in the office might not work for you. For those who want things organized and out of sight when finished, an organizational caddy with open slots for files can be very helpful.

For those who like to use the desk as a project layout space, task-related and color-coded stickers are great. Certain folks actually find inspiration from a bit of an “organized mess,” so to speak, and an item like a display board could work well for these people.


Motivational posters or quotes in your workplace are great, but be sure not to take this overboard. Co-workers or superiors may think you aren’t a self-starter, and you may come across cheesy. You also might distract yourself at times.

For more on basics of accessories on the work desk, or to learn about any of our rustic office décor, speak to the pros at Urban 9-5 today.