How Artwork Impacts the Workplace

How Artwork Impacts the Workplace

Many modern workplaces are learning the benefits of unique office décor for employee productivity and comfort, and one of the prime areas here is office artwork. At Urban 9-5, we have a wide stock of metal artwork and other wall art meant to spice up the design and aesthetics of your office.

What’s the value of artwork in the workplace? There are several important pieces.

Company Values

Art in the office can reflect a company’s history, character, style and spirit – both to employees and to clients or prospective clients. Pieces of art send subtle messages, which can reinforce brand values in many cases. Art from various parts of the world can demonstrate global reach, and local art can show that the company embraces its community.

Staff Engagement

Maximizing productivity is the name of the game in today’s business world, and artwork can have a subtle effect here. Offering employees a choice regarding the kind of art they want to see in their space is one of the few areas where you can give them real control in their workplace aesthetics, and this can go a long way. Companies can switch out art periodically to keep things fresh, and can even offer performance incentives that will allow decision-making powers here.

Bottom Line

Even a tiny increase in productivity can bring major financial benefits, and research suggests that art in the workplace can accomplish this. A survey found that 94 percent of American employees believe art enhances the work environment, and over 60 percent saw increases in both creativity and productivity. Similar numbers were found in the United Kingdom.

Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Many companies balk at artwork in the workplace based on price, but this is a narrow view not supported by research. It doesn’t take a fortune to procure tasteful and elegant art, and the return on investment often exponentially outweighs any money your business puts in.

For more information on how artwork can impact the office, or to find out about any of our other office furniture, speak to the experts at Urban 9-5 today.