Signs Your Office Needs a Redesign

Signs Your Office Needs a Redesign

As your go-to experts for home or office furniture, we at Urban 9-5 don’t need to be told how vital office layout can be for productivity. We’ve seen firsthand how our rustic office furniture can transform a workplace from a drag into an energizing area, and the affect this can have on efficiency in the office.

Just as often as adding some of our new products can be important, reorganizing things in the office every now and then can light a bit of a spark. Here are a few noticeable signs that your office might be poised for a redesign.

Underutilized Space

Modern advances all over the workplace have made space a whole new game. Big, clunky computer monitors have been replaced with flat screens; rigid, square desks are being filtered out in favor of more versatile options with sit/stand capabilities.

If your office is making some of these changes, it could be the perfect time to reorganize a few things. Space you didn’t previously have available might be opening up, or perhaps you’ve always utilized a slightly sub-optimal spatial layout. Look for ways to eliminate wasted space and create more openness wherever possible.

Health Advances

Another modern development involves better understanding of various health factors in the office. Lighting concerns have come to the forefront, and it’s best to keep these heavily in mind when deciding on an office layout – they can directly impact productivity. Ergonomic tools like monitor arms, keyboard platforms and the aforementioned sit/stand capabilities at desks allow people to work in a more customizable space, which can show real benefits for employee comfort, and therefore health.

Culture Changes

If you notice the general workplace culture getting a bit stale or static, a redesign can be just the motivator people need. You can make a larger effort to organize the office based on teams and common work groups, plus create a fresh physical environment – this will transfer to employees’ own perceptions, without question. Even a quick change in office seating can shake things up in a way that lights a fire under team productivity.

Want to learn more about office design, or interested in any of our furniture products or solutions? The experts at Urban 9-5 are standing by.