How Specialty Furniture Fosters Workplace Culture

How Specialty Furniture Fosters Workplace Culture

In these modern times, businesses are often scrambling to keep up with the preferences of the younger generation that’s slowly taking over the workforce year by year. Most of the time, this can be seen in the realms of technology, data and streamlined work processes.

For the most progressive companies out there, this theme also extends to employee comfort and how it relates to productivity and effectiveness. Modern companies are looking to maximize workplace efficiency, and specialty office furniture from a company like Urban 9-5 is a great place to start. There’s real evidence that a workplace employees are comfortable and relaxed in can lead to more productivity. How can a well-spaced office help you or your team?


For starters, a well-organized office seating plan can go a long way to getting the most out of employees. Certain job descriptions may benefit from more privacy, where others might be better served in a more open environment with immediate access to other voices.

The ideal workplace will offer a solid blend of both. There will be comfortable areas for employees who need their own space, but plenty of common areas where creativity can be fostered.

Lighting and Sound

Some people might downplay the importance of proper light in the workplace, but they’d be doing so squarely in the face of significant proof that it has a real benefit to productivity. Not only adequate light good for the eyes, a well-lit workspace makes employees feel more at home.

Sound-wise, while it’s rarely possible to fully eliminate potential overlap, a smart office design can go a long way. Smartly utilizing furniture and walls to ensure there are a few quiet areas for hard work is easy, as is making sure that areas which do contain a lot of conversation don’t bleed into quiet spots.

Progressive Culture

Perhaps biggest of all, a modern office design sets a cultural tone in the office from the top down. Unique office furniture from a company like Urban 9-5 shows employees that management cares about little things like their comfort, and indicates that similar modern considerations will be made in all areas of the business that may be even more important (compensation, scheduling, etc.).

This will help promote employee loyalty, as well as interaction and teamwork in many office environments. Knowing that your leaders care about small comforts shows that they’ll care about the big stuff, too.

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