Why Modern Office Seating Matters

Why Modern Office Seating Matters

As business has evolved into modern times, an understanding has developed surrounding workplace productivity. The name of the game is more than just itemized checklists and daily tasks – maximizing productivity ties to things like the feel and ambiance of the office, and some of the most progressive companies in the world are making big changes in this realm.

At Urban 9-5, our rustic office décor helps set the table for a newer, more modern feel in the office. Our unique office furniture will make your workplace feel like no other you or your employees have ever been in. And as we’ve worked with many office managers over the years, one of the most frequent and vital topics that comes up is office seating.

It may seem a small deal, but office seating arrangements have become important factors in productivity. Let’s look at a few modern tips for your office seating plan.

Fewer Dividers

The days of the cubicle are slowly coming to an end, even among many of the huge businesses you’d expect to see them in. More and more workplaces are trying to promote communication and openness between employees and departments, and this is often a very literal process. Fewer walls and dividers in between employees gives a different feel to the office.

Open Floor Plan

This openness isn’t just about fewer dividers, but also about promoting more general movement within the office. Many workplaces don’t assign seating, and specifically encourage employees to sit in different places sometimes. Lots of movement and communication is the goal.

Shifting Workspaces

Some companies have taken this whole theme to an even more intense level: Actual frequent, designed changes in assigned seating. Based on what managers view as some of the most productive pairings and connections for a given period of time – say a few weeks or months – seating will be actively changed to help increase productivity.

For many kinds of companies, this is perfect. Employees might work most closely with different co-workers over different periods of time based on workload, and even in situations where this isn’t the case, this kind of frequent movement can promote more cohesiveness. Ideas can flow organically with more lines of communication open.

At Urban 9-5, we’re here to provide you with all the solutions and products to open up your workspace and maximize productivity in the office. Our friendly customer service specialists are waiting to assist you today.