Important Office Design Trends

Important Office Design Trends

At Urban 9-5, you trust our experts to be on top of all the current trends when it comes to office design. Our pros are not only in line with current trends, but also ahead of the game on what the future will look like here.

What are some of the major office design trends that have been in vogue to begin 2018, and what do we expect for the rest of the year? Experts are predicting a big rise in futuristic, modern elements, and industry pros think it will be a huge year for bold designs and colors. Let’s look at three specific trend areas to keep an eye on.


Silver, bronze, gold and even brass are becoming more and more popular – both in terms of actual metal products, such as our metal artwork, and in terms of other products colored like these metals. Office chairs with metal frames are in vogue right now, as are natural-looking materials with just a hint of metallic glint to offset things. Mixing handcrafted or hammered metal designs with sculpted shapes or engraved surfaces, exactly the kind of rustic look you’ll get with us, brings a perfect juxtaposition to the office.


Not only does quality of light matter, but you can make an artistic statement with fixtures that invoke feelings of sculptures. For offices that don’t have enough natural light, consider soft or vivid options for a different kind of atmosphere. Some offices are even placing mirrors in dark corners – this makes space feel larger while reflecting light into areas that need it.


If you’re going with a metallic look for piping, framing and edging, consider softer textures to help with sharp edges. Smooth leathers and shears offset glass and metal designs, lending a complement and a touch of grace. Textured fabrics are also great for acoustics, which can be meaningful for workplace environment. You can even consider basics like flowers and plants throughout the office to add a softer texture – combine them with metallic vases and planters for a great layered design.

For more on office design trends, or to learn more about our rustic specialty office furniture, speak to the pros at Urban 9-5 today.