Why Standing Desks? 

Why Standing Desks? 

In the past few years standing desks have become all the rage in the office furniture community. It seems that modern culture is now more focused on health and wellness than ever before and the topic of “sitting at a desk all day” comes up a lot when discussing our well being. Providing standing desks to your employee’s might just be you in the running for the best boss award and here is why 

Standing desks have a number of health benefits -

A number of studies in recent years have proved that sitting at your desk all day can have a drastic negative impact on your health and well being. It has been highlighted by members of the Mayo Clinic that the negative impacts of sitting for an extended amount of time can contribute to -  increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels..Too much sitting in general seemed to increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. Making the switch to standing can significantly lower all of these risks. People who are sitting all day are more prone to depressive symptoms and can result in a lack of productivity. Standing can significantly limit these symptoms and promote an overall healthier and more productive office environment. 

It doesn’t just stop there.. Standing desks help increase job performance 

According to a recent study, those who went from relatively sedentary work lives to standing more often reported better engagement with their work and fewer musculature problems. Standing helps increase blood flow to the brain. You might even find yourself spending less money on coffee! The effects of standing have proved to be a great way to increase the efficiency around the office. 

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