Measuring the Office for Upcoming Furniture Needs

Measuring the Office for Upcoming Furniture Needs

There are a few important considerations to keep in mind when selecting any piece of furniture for your office, and one of these is the space available in the room you're purchasing it for. Purchasing a furniture piece that's too large for its room will cause natural cramping issues, while those that are far too small will mess with room proportions and functionality -- so ensuring you're purchasing properly-sized furniture is important.

At Urban 9-5, we're here to help. We offer a huge range of modern office furniture pieces, including industrial desks and tables, seating options and much more, and we're also happy to assist with basic themes like matching furniture to your available space. One important concept here: Measuring a room for fit, functionality and related space needs. Here's a primer on the important themes to be keeping in mind while you carry this process out.

Desk to Wall Space

For any kind of desk, table or related item, a vital measurement to take is the expected distance between the desk's front and the wall. This is important for all kinds of reasons, including code -- there must be at least 36 inches between a table and wall, for example -- and practicality. Desk users can sometimes become restless if they feel cramped in by the edges of their surroundings, so it's important to be aware of your space requirements when you're purchasing furniture.

Workspace for Employees

Any furniture piece that's being purchased should be considered through the lens of how it will impact individual employee workspaces. If you're purchasing new desks for several employees, for instance, you'll want to be aware of their relative positions in relation to one another. While it might not be a bad idea to allow for a few inches between employees' workstations, limiting the space too much will impact their ability to get things done and may result in interpersonal issues.

Guest Seating

If you're looking to bolster your guest seating, you'll want to ensure there's enough room for chairs, as well as the individuals who will be using them. Dresser-style guest seating like armoires and benches can help provide more room at a required gathering spot, but you'll want to ensure that there's enough space for guests -- and their surrounding office mates -- to maneuver comfortably during gatherings.


Finally, if you're adding storage furniture pieces like drawers, cabinets or anything similar, you'll want to ensure that there's enough room for items to be placed within them. This bit is important, because if the drawers or cabinets are too narrow or shallow then their contents may not remain organized. Measure from the wall to the front of each storage space, and ensure that it can accommodate standard-sized office supplies.

For more on how to go about measuring for important office furniture selection needs, or to learn about any of our office furniture products, speak to the team at Urban 9-5 today.