What Your Desk Reveals About You

What Your Desk Reveals About You

A given workplace is a social area, where impressions of others play a real role in basic operations. As such, how you represent yourself in the workplace can be meaningful for your career – and one area that’s more important than many people realize here is the office desk.

At Urban 9-5, we know how vital the appearance of your desk can be. We have numerous rustic office desks that bring creativity and style to the workplace. Let’s look at what your desk says about you in several areas.


An organized desk says the same thing about you as an employee. Your coworkers are likely to appreciate neatness, especially any who regularly stop by or do work at or near your desk. Your superiors will view you as someone who is dependable and is likely to work well with others, making you more likely to be involved in important group projects. Be sure not to come across as judgmental of anyone who isn’t quite as tidy as you – this doesn’t mean they are any less.


If you’re the type who takes visual motivation from various cues, don’t be shy about putting these in prominent areas of your desk space. You never know which of your coworkers might enjoy that sort of thing, and many management figures love these kinds of motivators.

There’s a balance here, though. Once again, you don’t want your coworkers to feel inadequate or as if you’re judging them for a lack of these kinds of things. Everyone is motivated in different ways, so be mindful of that.

Plants and Beauty

Plants and other greenery are great for freshening an office and revitalizing employees. Having a plant or two on your desk shows you’re thinking of others along with yourself – as long as you care for them properly, that is. Badly-maintained plants quickly become an encroachment and even an outright hassle in some cases, so be diligent.

Clutter and Creativity

While you want to be organized wherever possible, a bit of clutter isn’t necessarily a bad thing at the desk. It shows that you’re actively working and searching for creative solutions, and can be inviting to people who might be intimidated by a 100 percent pristine desk area. A good balance between well-maintained and a bit of creative clutter is always good to strike.

For more on what your desk says about you, or to learn about any of our rustic office furniture options, speak to the pros at Urban 9-5 today.