Creating a Perfect Work-Life Balance

Creating a Perfect Work-Life Balance

Especially for dedicated employees and managers, finding the proper work-life balance is always a big chore. The typical full-time employee spends between 38 and 60 hours per week in the office, and this can be a tough balance to achieve.

At Urban 9-5, we’re here to help. There are a number of ways to use our home and office furniture to shift your modern workspace into one that’s more conducive to a work-life balance, from office seating to movement and activities. Let’s take a look at a few good hacks here.

Lounges and Cafeteria

Regardless of the size of your office, it’s always possible to create a cozier, more homely feel in your lounge or cafeteria area. Use acoustic furniture pieces and large couches and chairs, which will help deaden echoes in louder open spaces and create more private areas for conversation and breaks.

If you have a hearth in the office, group some tables and benches around it to create a more communal atmosphere. If you have a smaller space rather than a large one, a cluster of round tables and lounge chairs is likely appropriate.

Nook Atmosphere

Many people have a quiet nook or hidden room they go to at home to relax, and you can recreate that feeling in the office. Keep a couple quiet spaces where employees can relax – consider acoustic furniture and pod seating, plus sliding glass doors for certain areas. Encourage quick breaks to help employees relax and recharge before returning to the job.


Particularly for city-dwelling employees who rarely get to be out in the open, there’s very little time for movement and fitness. You don’t need your employees doing full-on workouts in the office, but setting a private area – either indoors or outdoors – for employees to stretch out and get some movement into their day can be enormously beneficial. Getting the blood flowing increases oxygen flow to the brain, which stimulates thinking and creativity.

For more on how to create a great work-life balance in the office, or to find out how our rustic office furniture can help, speak to the professionals at Urban 9-5 today.