Why Choose a Corner Desk?

Why Choose a Corner Desk?

If you’re looking to increase your efficiency and productivity in the office, one of the first places you’ll look is your office desk. The desk is the home base for most employees, the area where most of your production happens – it’s vital to keep things streamlined and well organized, and the style of desk you have can play a big role here.

We’re here to help at Urban 9-5, where our wide selection of industrial and rustic office desks is at your fingertips. One desk choice that often stands out for the employee looking to make more of an impact production-wise: The corner desk. There are a few possible benefits to a corner desk, including the following:


A corner desk can provide significantly more space in multiple areas. Firstly, the room itself can be better utilized with a corner desk than with a traditional one – a traditional desk can go in a corner, sure, but you won’t have the full range of movement here. A corner desk allows for this space saving without sacrificing movement.

There’s more, too. A corner desk often offers much more above-desk space than a typical desk, and virtually all corner desks offer more under-desk space than their counterparts – space that’s vital for CPU towers, printers, scanners or other items you may need.


People who sit at a traditional desk generally have to strain or reach across it physically numerous times per day, or even perhaps slide the chair a bit to reach something. If you have a basic swivel chair, however, a corner desk basically gets rid of this need. You have two sides to the desk, and you can simply pivot between the in one simple motion without ever straining your arms or back to reach for something.

For more on corner desks or any of our industrial office desk options, speak to the pros at Urban 9-5 today.