Design Tips for a Home Office

Design Tips for a Home Office

If you’ve shopped at Urban 9-5 before, chances are you know us best for our beautiful rustic office furniture. Our products can transform your workplace’s feel and culture, and can make office seating anything but a boring task.

What you may not know, though, is the full range of our home office furniture services. Many people work from home just as often as they go into the office, and some even do the majority or all of their job from their home. If you’re one of these people, you need the right setup to keep you comfortable but productive – and we can help. Here are a few basic tips for designing the perfect home office.

Location is Vital

If this is the place you’ll spend most of your work days, or even a few hours a week, make sure your space and location concerns are handled first. Don’t tuck yourself in a tiny room where you’ll feel uncomfortable, and try to avoid high-traffic areas that might distract you – especially if kids or a spouse will frequently be around during these same hours.


Your own comfort is more important than any other individual factor. Consider your work functions, and which tasks you’ll be completing most often. From a design standpoint, paint the walls a color scheme you enjoy looking at, and complement that scheme with office furniture. If your house offers a nice view in any rooms, consider one of these for moments of relaxation. Choose accessories that enhance your comfort while assisting with your functions.


Make sure there’s enough light everywhere you might need it. Straining to see things can both hurt the eyes and cause headaches and stress. If you have a computer in the office, position it so glare from lights isn’t hurting your eyes.

Chair and Desk

The office chair and the writing desk are two of the most important items in any home office. You’ll spend hours seated in that chair, so make sure it’s comfortable and has any characteristics you need. Your desk is the basis for many of your basic processes, so make sure it’s in a style and shape you’re comfortable with.


In today’s day and age, there will almost certainly be all sorts of technology in your office – everything from internet modems to computer, phone and printer cords could be visible. Look for ways to keep these out of your path, but also to leave open relative ease of access for yourself to things like plugs, in case there’s a problem. If you’re worried about shocks, encase cords in a covering or tape them to the corners where the floor meets the wall.

Ready to get started on your home office project? We’re here to help. Speak to the experts at Urban 9-5 today.