Why Lighting is Vital in the Modern Workplace

Why Lighting is Vital in the Modern Workplace

At Urban 9-5, our products will help bring an industrial feel to your office décor. We’ll help you and your employees feel more comfortable and at home while on the job, and our specialty office furniture will give employees a sense of individual value.

These benefits can be profound from a social perspective, but more importantly, they can have a major effect on dollar-related items in the office. In particular, the way an office is lighted can go a very long way toward productivity in the office. Let’s look at how our wide selection of lighting products can benefit your office.

Output Rates

Studies have shown that quality lighting in the workplace has major effects on the productivity of employees. It can decrease errors by anywhere from 30 to 60 percent, depending on the specific business. Some of this is done by limiting eye strain and headaches that come with tougher vision.

If they make fewer mistakes, employees will therefore be more productive. Accuracy will be improved as well, which is a big deal for clients.

Reduces Risk

Especially in workplaces where employees move around more often, proper lighting reduces or eliminates the risk of workplace accidents. These might be as simple as a brief collision, but they could also be as problematic as someone spilling coffee on an expensive piece of technology. It sounds obvious, but the ability to see everything in the office more easily makes these possibilities far less likely.


The above are practical benefits, but there are others that are a bit more indirect as well. Good lighting fosters a cleaner, more cheerful environment – different studies would tell you different ways this can affect on-paper productivity, but there’s no question the effect is positive. Employees will find subconscious benefits like more energy and better awareness in a well-lighted room compared to a darker one.

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