Factors to Consider While Desk Shopping

Factors to Consider While Desk Shopping

Whether it’s a smaller writing desk all the way up to a heavy-duty, industrial office desk, the place where you’re primarily seated for work makes a big difference. At Urban 9-5, our unmatched selection of office desks will keep you comfortable and productive in the fashion and style you enjoy.

Desks and other office furniture can have major effects on more than just comfort, however – they’ve shown real effects on productivity within the workplace. Let’s look at the important factors that should go into choosing your next desk, and how they affect productivity.

Height and Ergonomic Factors

Basic physical factors are very important – they define your simple comfort and basic working positions. Most standard desks are 30 inches high, but some people have other preferences here, so know if you’re one of these. Many of our products include adjustable legs, for people who want to have more than a single setting available here.

There are several other physical factors to consider, as well. Make sure your chair fits under your desk so you don’t have to sit several feet from the keyboard, and also consider computer monitor placement. Around an arm’s length away is generally recommended.

Function and Storage

From here, you have to consider the practical elements of your desk. Does it have enough drawers for the supplies you need, or other storage space? Is there enough surface space for the items you need on top of the desk? Does it have the proper holes for cords, or a computer department for your laptop? Does it have a pull-out surface for additional space? Consider all your important work processes, and ask these and other questions as necessary.


The shape of a desk is very important for many people. U-shaped desks are perfect for creating multiple work zones for projects, though they require lots of space in the office. Corner desks save space, but may offer limited seating options. L-shaped desks can bring you some of the best of both worlds. Straight desks are the most versatile for placement, but may not have as much surface area to work with.


The material you use is vital, and this is why it’s important to purchase furniture from a reputable vendor like Urban 9-5. Our industrial desks are made from only the most durable and functional materials, with a combination of style and functionality.

Want to learn more about choosing the right desk, or have questions about any of our other office supplies? Speak to the experts at Urban 9-5 today.