Office Furniture and Company Culture

Office Furniture and Company Culture

Anyone who works in an office space has surely heard the phrase “company culture” at some point, and while the term can be overused and be the subject of some joke-telling, it’s a very real theme. The culture of a company can cover everything from internal marketing up to overall branding, and a functional business has a company culture that meets the needs of all employees.

At Urban 9-5, we’re here to tell you that office furniture can have a big impact here. Whether it’s office seating or some other element, the kind of rustic office furniture we provide can go a long way toward fostering a particular type of culture within the workplace. Let’s look at some important factors in culture, how office design can impact these, and some of the drawbacks of having a bad office design.

Factors in Company Culture

In general, there are five elements to consider when it comes to company culture:

  • Equipment
  • Processes
  • Authority and management
  • Communication
  • Experience

That final one, experience, is the toughest to attain and the ultimate sign of good culture: Your ability to influence employee and customer experience using the four other factors is paramount to success. In particular, equipment refers to all physical objects your company possesses – including office furniture and design.

Office Design and Culture

The office design sets the stage for various elements of the office, from employee wellness and overall morale to basic guest perceptions. Look around your space, paying attention to how people walk, how they move from one workflow space to another, where bottlenecks take place, and whether there’s an empty space that simply isn’t being used. From here, think about how you can optimize this space for functionality, aesthetics, and comfort.

Problems With Bad Design

An outdated office design can lead to numerous employee issues, including stress levels, inter-departmental fighting, resentment of managerial figures, mental health issues, and even physical issues like backaches or bad vision. The office design should serve the people who work in it every day, and there are often some very simple fixes that can prevent these kinds of issues from cropping up.

For more on how office design can help set the tone for office culture or to learn about any of our industrial office furniture options, speak to the pros at Urban 9-5 today.